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cp_cc.h File Reference

CANpie constant values for targets. More...

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Detailed Description

This file defines values for the available silicon with CAN functionality. Each CAN controller (silicon) has its unique number, as shown in the following snippet:

 //--- CANary, AT89C51CC01 -------------
 #define CP_CC_CC01            0x1000

 //--- CANary, AT89C51CC02 -------------
 #define CP_CC_CC02            0x1001

 //--- CANary, AT89C51CC03 -------------
 #define CP_CC_CC03            0x1002

The number must be assigned to the symbol CP_TARGET for the compilation process. This can be done by setting it in the file cp_cc.h (at the end) or within the Makefile / compiler setup. If you forget to set the symbol CP_TARGET, you will get the following error message:

Target (Symbol CP_TARGET) is not defined! Check file cp_cc.h!


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